Val di Kam - Sulle tracce del re Sicano Kokalos

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Val di Kam
Sojourns, Excursions, Itineraries On the tracks of the Sican king Kokalos

“Val di Kam” is an association engaged in the promotion of tourism in Sicily.

Starting from the province of Agrigento and, in particular, from the characteristic town of Sant'Angelo Muxaro, we offer you:

  • sight-seeing
  • archaeological and caving tours
  • 4wd itineraries
  • restaurants and typical local cuisine
  • accommodation in B & Bs and holiday houses
  • visits to artisans at work and farms where the daily occupations are still carried out as in the past;
  • trekking itineraries
  • bicycle and horse-riding trips
  • visits to the villages of the province
  • ...and much more.

All this in a scenario of immense fascination, where nature, plain and wild, where history, myths and local traditions all combine together to create a singular place.

Should you find yourself in the province of Agrigento, proceed along the valley of the River Platani.

A few kilometres from the coast you will find a steep hill with a town on its top.

This is Sant'Angelo Muxaro, and the legend recounts that here was once Kamikos, the kingdom of Kokalos, the Sican king who gave hospitality to Daedalus who had fled from Crete. Here, according to the myth, king Minos was assassinated and then buried in the near countryside.

Visit the necropolis and you will be amazed: tombs excavated in the hillside, reminiscent of the Mycenean civilisation, which yielded kilos of gold artefacts.

Then eat out in one of the small restaurants along the road and wait for the night to fall. The hill will light up, the moon will transfigure the sunburnt country and Daedalus will hover on moonbeams with his waxen wing

Valerio M. Manfredi