Welcome to Sant’Angelo Muxaro

Welcome to Sant’Angelo Muxaro

About 30 km from Agrigento, in the hinterland, on a lonely hill in the middle of the Platani river valley, a small village with an ancient history.

We are in Sant’Angelo Muxaro.
Here everything passes slowly and along the road to reach it, panoramic views of wide valleys, hills, peaks, mountains follow one another. The river itself flows slowly, the flocks, the people walking in the streets or playing cards at the bar, proceed slowly as if they are afraid to move away from a past that is still too present.

You don’t go to Sant’Angelo Muxaro just to hike, sightsee or eat but because you choose to live an experience, a tale.
Sant’Angelo Muxaro is a great opportunity for Relational Tourism and you can already catch it in the eyes of who you meet along the little streets: people always ready to smile at you as they are grateful for the visit. Here you are not going to meet tourists or visitors of famous places but travelers in search of emotions.

Sant’Angelo Muxaro is a place for the few.

The millennial and fascinating history, the important archaeological heritage, the pristine and enveloping nature are only a backdrop for the real attraction of the place: the human relations and the great heart of the people.

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