From the Sicanian coast, to the Sicanian mountains, the province of Agrigento offers a vast network of breathtaking trails that are often still wild and tread only by farmers and shepherds.

The coast is certainly one of the most beautiful in Sicily, characterized in several places by huge spurs of white marl that spill down to the sea. We remenber for example Scala dei Turchi, Capo Bianco, Torre Salsa and Punta Bianca 

Moving into the Sicanian interior, there are plenty of choices, a Sicily that is still rough and wild and full of unique emotions.

Sant’Angelo Muxaro

A visit to the village of Sant’Angelo Muxaro with tasting tour, a walk to the archaeological museum and an archaeological-naturalistic walk.

Starting with the visits described above in Sicanian Tastes and Knowledge, the walk
continues outside town to visit the Tomb of the Prince: the largest tholos tomb in all of Sicily.
Continuing on, we reach the base of the hill and go down until we reach the caverns of the
Ciavuli Cave Natural Reserve: one of the most important karst formations in Sicily.
Continuing through the olive trees, almonds, pistachios, and prickly pears, we arrive at the
southern ridge of the archaeological area with around 110 tombs that have been newly
unearthed in 2007.
Using an old trail once used by farmers alongside their mules and donkeys, we return to
town with panoramic views of the Platani river valley and Mt. Castello. Once we arrive ​​in
town, a special buffet lunch prepared by local families will be served in the courtyard for

Is a further extension of the visits described above (Sicanian Tastes and Knowledge and the
Muxaro Ring). We will see shepherds and sheep pens, trails and country lanes now trod only
by farmers to their farms. Old houses of gypsum and ancient farmsteads are the backdrop of
the route until we arrive at the Necropolis of Grotticelle that represents the furthest point of
this walk and is located within a forest, where, in a special clearing, we serve a buffet of
typical products accompanied by a little farm wine (the alternative packed lunch provided by
Using an old path trod by farmers and their mules and donkeys, we return to town with
panoramic views of the Platani river valley and Mt. Castello.
The last extension that also contains the visits described above (Sicanian Tastes and
Knowledge, the Muxaro Ring and In the Footsteps of Sicanian King Kokalos). Starting from
the hill of Sant' Angelo Muxaro and the town itself, the itinerary includes two other hills, that
of Mt. Castello, identified today by scholars as the site of the ancient fortress city of Kamicos

built by Daedalus for King Kokalos, and that of the Eagle’s Beard; a charming scenic point
where you can see 12 villages throughout the province of Agrigento. Obviously a full day trip,
it begins in town with a round of tastings and visits to stops among the village streets and
encounters with the locals.

others walks

From Sant’Angelo Muxaro to San Biagio Platani with a crossing of the Platani river via pedestrian bridge, with breathtaking landscapes and meetings with farmers, shepherds and really unique characters.
Sightseeing among the mountains of Palazzo Adriano with a visit to the famous medieval town that was the set of the film Nuovo Cinema Paradiso by Giuseppe Tornatore.
Sightseeing near Cammarata-Santo Stefano di Quisquina with a visit to the Hermitage of Santa Rosalia and the Theater of Andromeda.


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